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These Coconut Beauty Products Smell as Good as They Work

Is it actually summer if you don't smell like coconut?
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If there's one scent synonymous with summer — outside of sunscreen, natch — it has to be coconut. One whiff of this creamy and tropical scent conjures visions of perfectly lazy days spent basking under the sun on a pristine, white sand beach. Not only does coconut smell amazing, it also happens to be supremely good for your skin and hair. To satisfy your coconut needs, this roundup features a bunch of coconut-infused beauty goods that you can happily slather from head to toe.

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When it comes to skin care nightcaps, is there really anything better than a sheet mask? We argue no, especially when it's as divine as this serum mask. It's drenched in coconut water and formulated for all skin types to hydrate and nourish.

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Is there anything better than a loofa that's been doused with coconut body wash and the way it makes the entire shower smell like a tropical oasis dream? OK, maybe the real deal would be better, but you can at least enjoy the next best thing via Alaffia's Hydrating Body Wash in Purely Coconut, which contains ethically traded coconut oil and extract. Psst. They also have a pineapple coconut option if you're all about that citrus-coconut life.

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About once or twice a week, it's good practice to scrub down in the shower with a gentle exfoliating product. Per the theme of this article, we're touting Farmhouse Fresh's Coconut Beach Body Scrub, which is made with shea butter, coconut water, and sugar and apricot seed powder to exfoliate. It lathers into a foamy dream and smells divine.

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We told you that our goal was to have you covered head to toe in coconut-infused loot, and we're sticking to that. For a little teeth-cleaning action, try Hello's Sensitivity Relief Fluoride Toothpaste, which contains coconut oil. In addition to coconut oil and fluoride, it's also formulated with aloe vera and naturally derived mint flavoring.

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