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8 Best Purple Shampoos for Blonde Hair

Brighten your gorgeous blonde hair and tone down brassiness with these top-reviewed purple shampoos
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Purple shampoo brings a blonde back from her worst nightmare. You've probably been there -- you go into the salon for a new set of highlights (or, god forbid, attempt to do them yourself), only to end up with brassy, yellow, clownish hair. Your first instinct is to cry, but your second is to rush out to the beauty supply store to find a quick fix.

That instant miracle worker lies in a bottle of purple shampoo -- a bright violet elixir packed with a color-correcting formula and blonde-loving ingredients to help tone, nourish and protect hair from future damage.

But not all purple shampoos do the trick. Some don't kick in unless you wear them for an hour or more; some never work to brighten brassiness at all. Some purple shampoos dry out hair or stink to high heaven. But there are a select few top-rated picks that result in a bright, natural-looking blonde and soft, silky texture. Interested?

The purple shampoos on this list are the crè me de la crème, the products that both flaxen-haired consumers and editors trust to take care of their precious blonde locks. Brassy, dull, damaged hair, begone.

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Best Purple Shampoo No. 8: Lush Daddy-O, $30.95 average member rating: 7.6*
Why it's great: Readers love this adorably packaged purple shampoo for its "amazing" smell and ability to make hair "squeaky clean." Furthermore, many users find that it "makes hair a lighter shinier blonde."

"From brassy to Malibu Barbie!" says one reviewer. "This purple shampoo gets rid of all the brass in your hair with one wash."

Agree? Disagree? Write your review Lush Daddy-O here.

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Best Purple Shampoo No. 7: Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo, $14.99 average member rating: 7.8*
Why it's great: If you hate the smell of other purple shampoos, this one is worth a try.

The product is effective for protecting blonde hair color and smoothing damaged texture -- but by far reviewers' favorite part is the "unbelievable" scent. "This is without a doubt the best smelling shampoo," one user gushes. "It puts body in your hair and ... helps prolong your hair color, too."

"I'm not blonde anymore but I still use this shampoo because I love the smell," says another. Agree? Disagree? Write your review for Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo here.

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Best Purple Shampoo No. 6: Davines Alchemic Shampoo, $24.50 average member rating: 8.0*
Why it's great: Davines Alchemic Shampoo comes in multiple formulas for different hair colors, but the silver version works beautifully to cancel yellow tones and brassiness in blonde hair.

"Alchemic Shampoo is the best way to spruce up faded color," says one reviewer. "I love the science and research behind this brand, and it shows in the quality," adds another. "It keeps my color fresh and vibrant."

Agree? Disagree? Write your review for Davines Alchemic Shampoo here.

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Best Purple Shampoo No. 5: Sexy Hair Blonde Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Bright Blonde Shampoo, $16.95 average member rating: 9.0*
Why it's great: This sulfate- and paraben-free purple shampoo is loaded with moisturizing ingredients like chamomile and honey, which help to keep hair soft and pleasant-smelling while actively toning the color.

"I loved this shampoo, especially the smell," says one fan. "If you're looking for a good violet shampoo to keep brassiness out of blonde hair, this is a good bet."

Agree? Disagree? Write your review for Sexy Hair Blonde Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Bright Blonde Shampoo here.

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