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The Best Tinted Dry Shampoos For Your Hair Color

We tried a bunch of color-boosting dry shampoos — here are the ones that got rid of grease without making a mess
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Dry shampoo is a life-changing hair product. Woke up late? Spray it on and you've got hair that looks better than if you'd washed it (Get our dry shampoo tutorial here). But sometimes, for brunettes especially, dry shampoo can leave a white, powdery cast that's not much better than greasy hair. Enter: tinted dry shampoos. They not only eliminate the whole white-residue issue, they also make hair color look more vibrant — and can even cover up your roots.

But, as with all amazing things, there's a catch: The same tint that refreshes your color and zaps greasy roots can also be incredibly messy to use. So we spritzed and sprayed our way through every tinted dry shampoo to weed out the ones that that aren't worth the trouble. Though there were some clothing and styling tool casualties along the way (R.I.P. Tangle Teezer), we were able to whittle it down to these best tinted dry shampoos for every hair color.

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The Game-Changing Dry Shampoo
The Product: Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo, $26

Dry shampoo should smell nice, because greasy hair isn't the only sign you haven't washed it in days. This one from Moroccanoil delivers with a fresh, light scent that's not overpowering, but still strong enough to mask that two-day-old hair scent. It's formulated with ultra-fine rice starch, which absorbs ultra-fast, blends completely and doesn't feel chalky.

It comes in two shades: dark tones and light tones. The brunette has a subtle, non-messy tint that doesn't dull dark hair or stain fingers, clothes or styling tools; the blonde features violet undertones that cancel brassiness; both are infused with the brand's signature argan oil.

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The New Drugstore Staple Dry Shampoo

The Product: Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo, $8.99

The original Batiste dry shampoo tops our list of readers' favorite dry shampoos, so we had high hopes for the newly released tinted version.

It comes in three shades (for light hair, medium-brown hair and dark hair) and it did not disappoint, leaving our hair clean and refreshed sans powdery, tangle-inducing residue.

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The Cult-Classic Dry Shampoo, Updated
The Product: Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk, Natural Tint, $19.50

Any beauty junkie worth her hair styling products has tried Klorane's classic oat-milk-infused dry shampoo — it's like an oil-blotting sheet for your hair. This version uses mineral pigments to tint the original formula of corn and rice starches a light brown that works best on lighter brown hair, but also blends easily into darker brown hair.

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The Indie Contender Dry Shampoo
The Product: Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder, $32

A collective sigh was let out when this product was sprayed in the office — it smells that good. The tint was not messy at all (we made our tester run her fingers through her hair immediately after applying to check — no staining!). In addition to making hair look clean, the spray also makes roots feel as if they'd been freshly blown-out. Another perk: bouncy volume.

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