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Pros Share Their 7 Absolute Best Lash Tricks

Healthier, prettier lashes can be yours!
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If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your lashes are the curtains to said windows — and we all know that such details do matter. For some tips on how to treat our lashes with utmost care and get the most bang for our buck when it comes to product purchases, we asked two makeup artists and an eyelash pro to share their best tips and tricks. Here's what they told us.

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Nourish Them Nightly
We fuel our bodies with healthy foods and take care of our skin with a bounty of products, and lashes deserve the same TLC. "A fortified vitamin and mineral boost works wonders for improving the health of your lashes and promoting more growth," says Natalia Thomas, a celebrity makeup artist. "Simply apply the product to your eyelashes with the applicator (or a cotton swab will do) before bed. You will notice a heartier lash, new growth, healthier hair follicles, and improved thickness and length." Try Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancing Serum, $76, or Embryolisse Lashes Booster, $30.

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Use A Mascara That's Nourishing, Too
You've got a lot of options when it comes to mascara, and one way to narrow the search is to buy a product that doubles as a nourishing agent. Thomas says, "Using a nourishing mascara means that all of the work you were doing to improve the health of your lashes is not counterproductive." Try It Cosmetics' new Lash Blowout Mascara, $25, which was developed with DryBar as a "blowout for your lashes" and is infused with hair-nourishing biotin. Another great option is Wander Beauty's Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara, $26, a jet-black mascara and cult favorite that's formulated with a blend of conditioning ingredients.

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Consider Lash Extensions for a Special Occasion
If you're seeking a little more oomph — especially for an upcoming event — lash extensions can make a world of difference. "Classic extensions are applied with a 1:1 ratio and can be styled to enhance your eye shape. Your lash artist will be able to recommend the appropriate length to ensure a natural look that does not cause damage to your natural lashes," explains Courtney Buhler, the founder and CEO of Sugarlash PRO, where this service is provided. "It gives an elegant, understated look for everyday wear. They're your lashes, but with thicker, longer ones mixed in." Depending on the number of lashes, appointments take about one and a half and two hours.

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Get Triple the Volume With Only One Coat
Ain't nobody got time to sit around and wait for lashes to dry between coats of mascara. The solution: apply one coat, but do it very strategically. "Start by rolling your mascara wand down the top side of your lashes from root to tip, then repeat the process from underneath your lashes, rolling the wand forward while simultaneously wiggling it slightly from side-to-side as you move up the length of the lashes," says Bryan Cantor, an editorial makeup artist based in New York City. "By coating the tops and bottoms of your lashes, this trick multiplies the amount of product they receive with just one coat. As an added bonus, it also gets rid of any powder or eyeshadow that may have fallen on top of your lashes during your application process." He says this trick works with any mascara, but that it really makes a big difference with tubing mascaras. Try Surratt Beauty Relevee Mascara, $30.

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