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We Tried All the Naughtiest-Named Mascaras. These Are Our Favorites

They're all oh-so-good
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Have you ever taken the time to read the names of the products you love so much? Like, sure, you know it's eye makeup, lipstick, or highlighter, but have you actually spent a few seconds to peep the specific shade name? If not, newsflash: They can be seriously dirty. And while there are plenty of naughty nail polishes, lipsticks, and blushes, nowadays, mascara seriously takes the cake when it comes to sensual names.

Don't believe us? Check out our favorite naughtily-named mascaras; each as eyebrow-raising as it is, well, lash-raising (sorry, not sorry).

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Why we love it: The cult favorite wand is shaped like an hourglass to coat, separate, and curl each lash to new heights.

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Why we love it: The gorgeous volume this mascara creates promises to last up to 24 hours.

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Why we love it: It features minuscule heart-shaped fibers that make lashes look bigger and bolder with every stroke of the wand. Plus, it's the only mascara made with hemp-derived cannabis seed oil (which, bonus, effectively makes it vegan).

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Why we love it: The super creamy formula never looks clumpy but always delivers thick, voluminous lashes.

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