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15 Beauty Products That Are Perfect for Skin Care Beginners

Just getting into skin care? Start with these picks
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We all have to start somewhere. But with hundreds and thousands of products on the market, establishing a skin care routine can get overwhelming. In fact, picking out your products is almost like trying to build a new relationship: They can either help you achieve your skin goals... or turn out to be a nightmare!

However, we're here to help: We may not be able to help with your love life, but we can help with your skin. We've picked out 15 skin care products that are great for beginners — trust us, they almost always end up as holy grails! Keep reading for 15 skin care bestsellers that might just have you falling in love.

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Hesitant to use products on your face because of your sensitive skin? Start off with this mega-popular face cleanser. It has a mild formula that will soothe your skin as it cleanses. It's also moisturizing and won't strip your skin's natural protective oils.

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A go-to for acne-prone skin, this foaming facial cleanser is known for removing the excess oil, dirt, and makeup on your face. It also helps restore and maintain your skin's natural barrier so you won't feel tight and dry after using it.

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You can't go wrong with this toner: Whether you need some cleansing after a whole day at work or something to refresh you midday, this toner can do the job. It also moisturizes your face and controls the pH level of your skin. Plus, it's alcohol-free, paraben-free!

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Aiming for that supple "honey skin"? Then this toner will be right for you. In addition to balancing and cleansing your skin, it also helps in reducing pigmentation. It preps your face for the next part of your routine, allowing your subsequent skin care products absorbed better.

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