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Nail Nail Art With These Press-On Nails

No chips or smudges here.
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I've never been much of an at-home manicure person. But the pandemic forced me to change much of my beauty routine. Instead of painting my nails with polish, I've gravitated toward press-on nails.

Of course, press-on nails aren't perfect. The glue can be messy and it took me a few tries to get the hang of application. Plus, they will pop off if you're not careful. (I recommend getting someone else to do the dishes while you're wearing them.)

Although they do have lots of benefits. They allow me to experiment with fun nail art without damaging my nails. Hello, leopard and cow prints. They're also smudge-proof with virtually no downtime. They let me rock longer nails and prevent me from biting my real nails.

Press-on nails are a great option for special occasions. You know, when you want your nails to look nice for one night, but don't necessarily want to shell out for a pricey gel mani.

Keep reading for the best press-on nails to try.

Image via Dashing Diva

A self-professed cat lady, I couldn't wait to get my hands on these press-on nails. They're lightweight and flexible, making finding the perfect fit easy. And they're reusable to boot.

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I can't get over how realistic these checkered press-on nails look. They're ultra comfortable and hug my cuticles just right. They're even reusable.

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imPRESS Press-On Manicure in Evanesce, $6.99

I recently attended my first polo match and I knew I couldn't go with bare nails. So before heading out the door, I put on these matte blush press-on nails with a sparkly accent nail. Instead of glue, these nails have adhesive tabs so application and removal are both a breeze.

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Dashing Diva Magic Press Design in Caribbean Holiday, $9

Travel may be limited these days, but these tropical-themed nails manage to transport me off the island of Manhattan. With 30 nails to a pack, I like that I can mix and match patterns for a truly custom mani.

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