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We Rank the Best Gel Manicure Kits for Instagram-Worthy Nails At Home

Who said you need to head to the salon for a pro-level gel manicure?
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There's nothing quite like the put-together look of a fresh gel manicure. Unfortunately, there isn't always time to head to the salon — not to mention the cash to make it happen. But should a busy schedule and tight wallet keep you from putting your best finger forward? We think not. To help you rock the gel mani of your Insta-inspired dreams on the weekly, we searched high and low for budget-friendly at-home gel manicure kits and polishes, and the products to maintain your nail health in-between paintings.

Ready to look fresh-out-of-the-salon on the reg? Whether you're in search of an LED kit, a one-step gel polish or a solution to your over-gelled nail beds, keep scrolling to discover some of your soon-to-be-favorite gel manicure kits.

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Le Mini Macaron, $35
We're absolutely smitten over this dessert-inspired nail kit. Available in a handful of pretty colors, the macaron LED light matches the 3-in-1 gel polish included in the kit. You also get a cuticle stick, mini nail file and 10 remover pads to keep you from picking your nail beds to pieces when you notice the first chip — which, BTW, won't be for at least 7-10 days, and even then it will be minor.

To make the most of your Le Mini Macaron mani, be sure to apply your gel polish on in very thin layers that extend all the way out to the edge of your nail. It's best to wrap your nail ends because when you put your painted fingers under the light, the polish can shrink, leaving your edges bare. Just think of this little lesson as a trick of the nail trade.

Bonus: the top of the macaron pops off so that you can use this little LED light on your toes, too. Double-win!

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Gelish Complete Starter Kit, $99.99
Looking for a more professional-looking at-home gel manicure kit? This one is for you. Equipped with an LED curing light, nail surface cleanser, bonder, base coat, top coat, remover and two signature gel nail colors, this DIY kit has everything you need to bring the salon to the comfort of your own bathroom.

There's no doubt that gel polish is the best option for long-wearing, chip-proof manicures, but it can also damage your nails if you aren't careful removing the durable, extra-thick gel. That's why we love this soak-off kit so much. Not only does it provide you with everything you need to create a professional-looking mani all by yourself, but the conditioning soak makes it easier to remove the polish without damage.

This LED light kit will help you create a beautiful gel manicure in minutes. The spacious light allows you to cure all of your fingers at once without fear of smudging any of your freshly painted nails. What's more, it includes nourishing cuticle oil and specially formulated gel polish remover, in addition to base and top coat, to maintain the integrity of your nails. Just one use of the shiny gel polish will leave you craving more colors — and thankfully, there are 148 to choose from.

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