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Post-Workout Hair Saviors You Need in Your Gym Bag

Sore — maybe, but fresh and gorg — definitely, and in a snap
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Perhaps you like to hit the gym, the street, or yoga class early, before work; perhaps you like your exercise to happen after work; perhaps you work from home and like spontaneity in your fitness routine. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. What's sure, though? That you're not going to like walking into a meeting (or a date) with sweaty hair.

Cue these hair products you'll swear by post-workout — they are here to make us look like we didn't just train for our bare lives in that class. With the weather steadily warming up, you may find that "gym hair" becomes more of an issue, but don't break any sweat over it — these convenient hair refreshers and cleansers will solve that problem in literal minutes — with (nearly) zero effort. Different formulations, varied price points, and even a bespoke dry shampoo — tailored to exactly what you want it to do for your hair; all of these hair products will transform your post-gym hair into fresh and fragrant locks, so enjoy browsing, and having one less thing to stress about in your day.

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Condition hair, clean it up, and care for the scalp, all at once? Minus the spray? Here it is, a roots cream with stimulating botanical extracts and conditioning agents to revive and add a bit of lift to limp strands, and leave hair clean and smelling of flowers in the woods.

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Prose Custom Dry Shampoo, $28
Imagine a dry shampoo that does what you want it to do, feel how you want it to, and then adding something a little extra in, just 'cause you'd like it like that. You did? Good, because this brand will make sure your wish comes to your doorstep.

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Big mane is in this year, and this dry shampoo has you covered no matter the intensity of your workout — you'll be getting consistent volume and freshness every time.

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This dry shampoo will momentarily absorb excess oil, making thin hair feel and look fresh in a snap — the cooling effect alone is enough to make you feel cleaner and lighter.

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