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7 Different Types of Yoga, Explained

If you say you don't like yoga, you probably just haven't found the right one
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Maybe you've never tried yoga. Maybe you go every once in a while... but you've only gone to vinyasa, because the other ones on the schedule sound too scary and/or boring and/or too hard.

Whatever the case, yoga teacher Virginia Fugman has good news: "There's yoga for everybody," she says. "From prenatal yoga to chair yoga, that's what's amazing about yoga. You can find a type of yoga to serve you in the moment that you need it. The thing about life is — we change. Our bodies change, our minds change, our emotions change. Wherever we are in life, yoga can help us to be a better person."

With that in mind, let's dive into some of the major types. Though by no means a comprehensive list, this should get you started with some basic facts. But first, a deep breath all the way in... and release.

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Restorative Yoga
With restorative yoga, you will hold postures for anywhere from 7-20 minutes. It is stretchy and relaxing, and uses props like blankets and bolsters to do poses. A good restorative yoga can rejuvenate and re-energize you.

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Hatha Yoga
Hatha is a slow-paced yoga that's great for beginners. It's sort of a blanket term for yoga that teaches basic poses in a relaxed setting.

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Vinyasa Yoga
If you're looking for a workout, vinyasa might be your jam. More rigorous than those previously discussed, Vinyasa yoga generally involves a series of poses that flow from one to another, linking breath to movement.

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Bikram or Hot Yoga
Hydrate before, during, and after hot yoga, because you're going to be a big ol' sweatball. In Bikram specifically, you do 26 poses in a room heated to 41°C with 40 percent humidity. Hot yoga sometimes deviates from the sequence trademarked by Bikram Choudhury, but it's pretty much the same thing. This type of yoga is meant to detoxify.

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