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Get on the Bombshell Blowout Train — It's High Time

Coolidge x Bardot, '90s are here, patriarchy down, manes up
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If you don't get on the volume train, like now, you'll definitely miss out on something special, babe. Big, voluminous waves with cat eye eyeliner, add to that a mandatory calm confidence in your feminine self in the way you walk, a flattering outfit that you can make sleek moves in — it's liberating, as simple and necessary as that. Thanks to Jennifer Coolidge's voluptuous exposure lately, the spotlight also fell on her signature big hair, just as much as on her talent, work and presence she delivers. It has become a trademark of hers, and as beauty, fashion, culture and society-loving people, we do like it when fellow humans stick to their own through ever changing and recycled trends. Plus, we're all heart-eyed for major Bardot vibes at 2023 SAG Awards.

We may not be able to lock down Jennifer Coolidge's professional hair stylists to do your next blowout, but we have locked down the products they use on Jennifer and other clients: because right now bombshell blowouts are a big trend. Results: big difference guaranteed. And, yes, bounciness. We have also included new launches in varied formulas (sprays, mousses, creams) to help you get an idea of what results you can expect with the hairstyle you have now, and to see which type of formulation works best for adding volume to your hair. Each of these products is a no-fuss type when it comes to application, and can get you to that big and proud moment in a snap.

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Joico YouthLock Blowout Creme, $27.50
Formulated with collagen and designed to rejuvenate hair, this blowout cream will give locks vibrancy, body and bounce, all the while keeping strands frizz-free and protected.

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This heat-activated blow dry spray plumps each strand of hair, prevents breakage and provides protection. Packed with volumizing polymers, this spray instantly increases volume and thick appearance, which makes it a particularly good choice for color-treated and/or fine hair.

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The dual active thermal technology, enhanced with a proprietary, plant-based CBD corrective complex, repairs hair as you blow dry and instantly smooths frizz, resulting in the flexible, bouncy look — in half the time.

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Celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena, who styled Jennifer Coolidge's hairstyle for the premiere of Shotgun Wedding, sprayed the hair from roots to ends with this lightweight, scalp and hair nourishing and volumizing spray; he then did a rough blowdry, pre-drying the roots to give hair a little extra lift. Then Mena used a medium round brush to finish the blowout.

To set Coolidge's hair, Mena then used large velcro rollers. "I think hot rollers and velcro rollers are making such a comeback", says Mena. "They're so easy to use and Better Not Younger Lift Me Up Hair Thickener is the perfect product for a roller set." Mena wrapped Coolidge's hair around the rollers from underneath, away from her face. "Jennifer's hair naturally falls forward, and this technique gave her a little more movement around the hairline." —Mena.

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