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10 Plus-Size Fitness Influencers You Need to Follow

Big girls being healthy, fit and fun!
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For a long time, there was (and, well, still is) this stigma that plus-sized women are lazy, unhealthy and unwilling to exercise.

And...that's just not true. Personally, I love working out (when I can fit it in between writing, feeding myself and behaving like a functioning adult, that is), and I've reclaimed the word "fat" and proudly say it to anyone who asks.

So, I like filling my social media feeds with women who don't just inspire me, but look like me too. Because size does not equate to beauty and/or health — and should never be a metric by which we judge anyone.

Image via @mynameisjessamyn

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Jessie Diaz-Herrera
Jessica is a dancing QUEEN! She teaches body positive dancing classes in New York City and on YouTube, does CrossFit and lifts weights. Plus, she's also a model and size inclusivity champion!

Image via @curveswithmoves

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Dianne Bondy
I first found Dianne a few years ago when I first became interested in yoga and I loved her immediately. She's a vocal body activist and believes all bodies are capable, no matter your level of experience or level of ability.

Image via @diannebondyyoga

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Chasi Jernigan
The founder of Sweat in Mascara, Chasi is an advocate, author, certified fitness instructor, body positive motivator and mom.

Image via @chasijernigan

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Jessamyn Stanley
Watching Jessamyn do headstands is actually enthralling. She's a wonder to watch and shows that every body is valid and capable, you just have to find, test and push your limits.

Image via @mynameisjessamyn

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