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6 Reasons to Make Zumba Your Winter Workout

Be #SELFish!
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Do you love to sweat, smile, and throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care? Then Zumba — a fast-paced cardio dance workout invented by accident in 2011 when cardio dance instructor Beto Perez brought the wrong playlist to class (yes, really) — may be the right way to warm up your chilly body this winter. This February, I took time to be #SELFish and attended Zumba's Selfish Carnival in Hollywood, hosted by Jameela Jamil. I spoke with Zumba education specialist Gina Grant to find out the six reasons why you should have started doing Zumba, like, yesterday!

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You burn calories
This one may be obvious, but sometimes it's easy to forget you're actually exercising in a class this fun and freeing. Not only do you burn lots of calories shaking your booty and learning moves from salsa, bachata, Bollywood and more, but you also can "lose weight, increase endurance, improve core strength and tone your entire body," according to Grant.

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It's a stress reliever
We live in a fast-paced "go go go" world. With little time to even pause for quick a meal or take a relaxing walk in the park, it's important to let loose once in awhile to relieve some stress. So find a class that works with your schedule, turn off your phone for an hour, and dance your heart out. You won't regret it.

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It's much-needed 'me' time
At Zumba's "SELFish Carnival," "Good Place" star, activist, and badass babe Jameela Jamil, spoke about taking time out of your day to be "unapologetically selfish". To that effect, we played carnival games, did a few Zumba routines and drank delicious smoothies. The almost-60 attendees and I all had a blast dedicating this evening to ourselves and our health. So take some "me time" and find a Zumba class near you; you'll thank yourself later.

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There are many kinds of classes
Whether you're looking for a standard dance class, class for seniors, kids, or even a dance class in the pool, (seriously Aqua Zumba is a thing), there's something for you. According to Grant, "There is Zumba Kids + Kids Jr., which is a Zumba program geared for kids ages 4-12, Zumba Gold for the active older adult or de-conditioned individual, Aqua Zumba and aquatic program, Zumba Step for those who want a step class with amazing music, Zumba Toning to tone and dance, Zumbini a 'Mommy and me' class and Strong By Zumba, a non-dance HIIT program". So try one or try all! (Okay maybe don't try a kid's class if you're not under age 12; you might get funny looks).

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