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9 Organic Face Mists for a Refreshing Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Talk about a mist opportunity
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Whether you're battling humidity in the Midwest, dealing with sweltering three-digit temps in the desert, contending with balmy ocean climates or simply trying to keep cool at your office desk, sometimes the answer to your "free me of this sweaty life" prayers lies within the walls of a tiny spray bottle.

We're talking about face mists, of course, and this roundup of organic options will not only deliver some much-needed chill but will also nourish your skin and keep you looking perfectly glowy. Consider a spritz or two your perfect summer afternoon pick-me-up.

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What makes this face mist special is the source of its water, which flows over the Atlas Mountains and into the Dades Gorge. This water, which is known for being particularly rich in minerals, is distilled with Moroccan Rosa Damascena to help soothe, hydrate and tone skin.

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This is an especially great face mist to keep by your desk due to its inclusion of shiitake mushrooms, which is rich in vitamin D. Your other primary source of vitamin D? The sun! This mist also contains soothing and hydrating aloe juice, safflower and a buffet of natural extracts.

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Red seaweed joins forces with hydrating hyaluronic acid, cucumber, tamarind, passion flower and organic glycerin in this face mist. Spritz it throughout the day to plump your skin and get some serious glow on.

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For that perfect shade of millennial pink and one of summer's favorite ingredients — coconut water — try this hydrating face mist. It's infused with hibiscus flower, a natural source of mildly exfoliating malic and citric acids, along with soothing rose and calming witch hazel.

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