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8 Fragrance Trends Experts Say Will Be Big in 2018

Here are eight eye-opening perfume trends experts say to keep an eye on this year
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Winter scents tend to be dark and dramatic, with intense sandalwood, mysterious amber and intoxicating musk as the most common fragrance notes. But once the temperatures warm up, scents tend to get a bit more optimistic and romantic, with citrus and florals taking center stage.

And while it's safe to say that each spring brings along the predictable fragrance notes, there are new and exciting trends that are coming into play this season. To see what kind of scent fads (we're talking unisex and socially conscious scents) we should keep an eye on this spring, we spoke to fragrance industry experts about what notes, blends and trends we'll be seeing everywhere this year. Here are eight key things perfume lovers will be talking about once spring arrives.

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Sparkling citruses are popular notes this season
Although citrus is practically a spring fragrance mainstay, Scenterprises CEO Sue Phillips says that citruses will get brighter and more sparkling this year, as uplifting notes of lemon, lime, bergamot, neroli (the fragrant flowers of the bitter orange tree) and grapefruit are gaining traction. Citrus blends with earthy notes (think grass or moss) are also buzzworthy this spring, as Phillips says it helps gives a fragrance a sexy and unique finish. "There is nothing that reflects the scent of spring more than the invigorating, fresh, sprightly wake-up, sporty, crisp, natural, newly mown fresh-cut grass and the lovely scent of spring blossoms, after rain," she says.

To give your citruses a major twist this spring, try indulging in Sue Phillips Sparkling Citrus Perfume, $75-$125, as it delivers a vibrant spin on the usual go-to fragrances of springtime.

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Lighter florals will begin to emerge
Roses, lilies and gardenias may be some of the most popular notes in spring perfumes but this year, expect florals to become lighter, as perfumers like Mark Crames feel that floral scents are becoming greener and bolder than before. "We see 2018 being about light florals, but not as transparent as the past few years," explains Crames, CEO of Demeter Fragrance Library. "The olfactory statements are slightly bolder and greener, and filled with more energy and life."

To keep your florals soft yet exotic this spring, Crames recommends opting for scents like Demeter Soft Tuberose, $21 (available this March) which keeps things unexpected with added notes of jasmine and orange blossom.

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Gender neutral fragrances will continue to trend
As conversations about gender equality continue, perfumers like Erika Shumate, CEO and co-founder of Pinrose, say that this theme will also carry over to the realm of fragrances, in the form of unisex scents. "Over the past year, we've seen the market pushing what has been gender-normatively deemed as more male notes — wood, lavender and citrus blends," she says. "I see this trend continuing this spring and into fall as well."

To bring both masculine and feminine notes to your signature fragrance this spring, Shumate recommends Pinrose Lil Dipper, $65, as it tops traditionally male notes with an irresistible (and not to mention feminine) peony note.

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Indie perfumes are still leading the pack
Scentbird co-founder Mariya Nurislamova says indie perfumers are still leading the way as they offer exotic scent experiences in comparison to department store counterparts. "Perfume lovers are still discovering the wide-open palates and bold choices in niche indie lines," she says. "Luxury stores are offering more and more niche lines at their perfume counters and the major designer lines are now in the habit of offering more artisanal releases mixed in with their flagship fragrances."

For a unique fragrance experience you won't forget, Nurislamova recommends investing in rare perfumes like Mystic Pearl by Raw Spirit, $40-$90, which treats your senses to real South Sea pearls, an element that's rarely seen in fragrances.

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