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9 Summer Fragrances to Satisfy Every Kind of Wanderlust

Spritz your way to far-flung destinations
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Ah summer. It's the perfect time to dust off the ol' bucket list and fantasize about all of the exotic locales we'd like to experience. Are you longing for an escape to the French countryside? Imagining life on a remote island? Or maybe an overnight al fresco at the closest national park is the adventure you crave? Of course, between the reality of plane fares, haggling for time off and nailing down logistics, these grand travel plans are often easier dreamed up than done.

But don't despair. For the times when you get bit by the travel bug, but can't afford to travel further than your local beauty store, these summer scents offer an instant getaway in a bottle. So get ready to virtually jet set around the globe with these nine fragrances. No passport required.

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Jo Malone London Star Magnolia Cologne, $70
Escape to: A flower-lined garden path in England

Sure, there's something fulfilling about those trips where your itinerary is planned down to the minute from dawn to dusk, but there's also something to be said about those getaways that encourage us to stop and smell the flowers. When you're looking for the latter escape, you'll want to adorn your wrists with Jo Malone London's limited edition Star Magnolia Cologne (also available in a hair mist). The delicate blend of lemon, star magnolia and sandalwood notes have all of the charm of new blossoms opening to greet the sun on a spring day. Immerse yourself in this bright floral fragrance, and you won't be able to help but smile.

Escape to: Provence at sunset

Is there anything more romantic than watching a sunset cast its golden glow over the lavender fields of Provence? You'll want to smell L'Occitane's Terre de Lumière before making that judgment. The aromatic scent combines sweet honey and calming lavender notes for a subtly seductive experience.

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Escada Fiesta Carioca, $62
The escape: A Bustling beach in Brazil

What's the next best thing to sipping a caipirinha while people watching on Copacabana Beach? Escada's new limited edition perfume. A real fiesta in a bottle, this scent grounds flirty notes of passion fruit and red raspberry with a touch of musk and cedar. Each spritz of the fruity fragrance will transport you further and further from your humdrum life -- and that much closer to the revelers in Rio de Janeiro.

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Goop Edition 02 Shiso, $165
The escape: A meditation retreat in a tranquil forest

Close your eyes. Picture yourself on the sun-dappled forest floor, a green canopy above your head, a sparkling pond glimmering through a clearing in the distance. These are the transportive powers of Goop's earthy, woody fragrance. Derived in part from natural ingredients, the perfume combines shiso leaf, oakmoss and palo santo for a scent designed to evoke nature and calm the mind. With this perfume gracing your pulse points, the only thing left to do is place your palms together at heart center and say, "Namaste."

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