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It's Time for a New Hair Brush (Seriously)

Time to ditch the old brush and start fresh
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You know that hair brush? The one you've had since college, with a melted spot from your curling iron, more than a few missing bristles, and a dusty film made up of unknown products (and who knows what else)? Well, it's time to give it the boot. Listen, brushes get nasty; like dust mites, yeast, and bacteria nasty — and you don't want to transfer that stuff to your lovely locks! An old brush can weigh hair down, irritate your scalp, and even damage your strands.

As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your brush at least every year — which, if you're anything like us, means it's definitely time for a new brush. Here are some of the best hair brushes for every type of hair at every price point, and for everything you want it to do.

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For Detangling
Try: Wet Brush Original Detangler, $14.98

For good old fashioned snarls, this drugstore basic simply can't be beat. Aaaaaand, it comes in the "it" color of the season — orange.

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Mixed Media
Try: Beauty By Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush, $17.99

This one is a combination of boar bristles to spread natural oils and nylon pins to gently detangle for happy, healthy hair.

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For the Perfect Blowout
Try: Olivia Garden Ceramic+Ion Speed XL Round Thermal Brush 45-mm, $24.95

We love how this hair brush is designed to deliver better blowouts (and even helps your hair dry a little faster). It's great for delivering body and smoothness.

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For Smooth, Smooth Strands
Try: T3 Smooth Paddle Brush, $35

It's got a no-slip handle so it doesn't go flying across the room (we're not the only ones who have done that, right?) and it smooths without pulling.

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