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The Best Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type

Never underestimate a good brush
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Beauty routines change over the years — trends come and go, products rotate in and out. One constant? Brushing your hair, a time-honored self-care staple for pretty much everyone. 

Now, you probably already know that brushing your hair 100 times will not make it shinier (sadly, that myth's been busted). But it's still important to brush our hair (yes, even for curly-haired ladies). And finding the right tool is key — don't just pick up any brush. We all have different types of hair and there's a perfect brush out there for everyone. No idea where to start? No worries, we got you covered. Read on to see our recommended hair brushes for every hair type!

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For Fine Hair: Boar Bristle Brush

Fine hair tends to get greasy and oily more quickly than other hair types since it's smaller in diameter. Other types of hair brushes can be used for fine hair, but boar bristle brushes are best for lifting off dirt and debris. Plus, this kind of brush is also super gentle as it glides into your hair, unlike other brushes that have a tendency to snag and pull. Try the Wigo Cushion 100% Boar Bristle Brush, $19.99, or Raincry Condition Paddle Brush, $115.

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For Medium to Thick Hair: Mixed Bristle Brush

A mixed bristle brush, such as one made of nylon and boar, is perfect for maintaining medium to thick hair. The boar bristles help distribute the natural oils from the root to the tip, while the nylon bristles help to detangle hair strands. A good quality mixed bristle brush such as the Mason Pearson Brush, $150, will work wonders in your hair with continued use. The Harry Josh Pro Tools Mini Oval Hair Brush, $25, is also a handy brush that you can use on the go.  

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For Thick or Coarse Hair: Nylon Bristle Brush

Taming thick or coarse hair can be a chore. A sturdy tool, such as a nylon bristle brush, can help you end the struggle with your strands. They tend to be tough enough to handle the volume of your hair while also gently removing those stubborn tangles. Try Conair Velvet Touch Large Paddle Brush, $6.49, or Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush, $27.

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For Natural Hair: Denman Brush

Women with natural hair tend to swear off brushing altogether because it seems that no brush can handle their mane. Thankfully, Denman created the D3, a brush that's made specially for curly yet unruly hair. The D3 has since expanded into other varieties that is now collectively known as the Denman Brush. What's unique about the brush is how its nylon bristles effectively detangle curls while the rubber base provides a strong foundation. Check out the Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush, $13.69 for starters.

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