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12 Casual Summer Hairstyles, to Take You From Beach to Barbecue

New York street style girls make it look effortless... so, let's copy them
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The sun is shining, there's a bit of a breeze, the DJ's playing your favorite tunes — girl, it's time to relax. Let your hair down... or put it back. No matter how you decide to wear your hair, here are some of the coolest, laid-back, easy-breezy styles, to take you from the beach to a barbeque.

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The theme this summer is lived-in. This look parts the hair down the middle and pulls it back to a messy bun on the nape.

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For long hair, a classic pony with a little texture and volume is always a nice option.

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Another bun at the nape of the neck, this time with some bobby pins to hold back those flyaways on the sides. (And don't forget the fun earrings.)

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You could always just gather all your hair to the side with a pretty clip for a romantic look.

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