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The Up-and-Coming Beauty Brands to Have on Your Radar, According to Experts

Newness to know about
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There is no shortage of stellar new beauty brands competing for our attention. While testing through them can be part of the journey, sometimes we don't have the energy, time or funds to waste on lackluster lines. So, we've asked beauty experts for their picks of the under-the-radar hair, wellness and skin care brands that are totally worth a spot on your shelf.

Discovering a new must-have product is a win. And discovering an extraordinary brand is like hitting the beauty jackpot. So, consider yourself a winner many times over and get familiar with these indie beauty ranges.

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Hyper Skin
"They launched with only one product, a 'do it all' serum, focusing on acne scars, age and sun spots, which blew me away," says New York City Esthetician Jordana Mattioli of the Hyper Skin Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum, $36.

"I love products that multitask, and this is a supercharged vitamin C (major antioxidant superhero), plus, it has all the brightening ingredients you could ask for," continues Mattioli. "It's so hard to find vitamin C serums that are safe for oily/acne-prone skin, but that are also beneficial to all skin types. Loved hearing about the founder's story [who struggled with acne since she was a teenager and was inspired to start a line rooted in multiculturalism] — I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do next."

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Make good skin a habit with this up-and-coming brand. "The first brand (at least that I've seen) that is solely focused on protecting skin from blue light (emitted from digital screens like phones and laptops)," says Mattioli. "In each product they have a proprietary blend of ingredient technology that neutralizes the effects of blue light emission. I especially loved the Rescue Me Rest+Reset Mask & Moisturizer, $48, which can be a great option as a night cream for dry skin."

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After a new wellness pick? Listen up. "I was first drawn to this because the packaging is so damn sexy, considering it's a probiotic supplement," says Mattioli of the Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic, $49.99/month. "But there's a group of genius scientists and doctors and an advisory board with leading biologists behind this brand that developed the best probiotic. (It actually contains prebiotics, too.) It's superior, from the strains they use to the capsule delivery system technology — the science behind it is incredible. Not technically a beauty product, but it should be!"

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This hair extension line is a gamechanger. "[I] heard about this idea of using banana fiber as braid extensions as an alternative to plastic hair," says Kerry E. Yates, beauty expert and innovator, Colour Collective. "Loved the idea because it meant no more plastic hair which leads to millions of pounds of waste but it also meant hair was lighter, nicer and less toxic on the head of braid wearers. Well, they did it and I am excited to see Rebundle is officially live and taking preorders. In addition to creating plant-based hair extensions, they are also helping to manage plastic waste from current plastic hair extensions. These women are completely reimagining the world of hair."

Be part of the revolution and place a preorder. The extensions are currently available in Blonde, $20, Brown, $20, and Black, $20.

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