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We Can't Stop Obsessing Over These Wildcrafted Beauty Products

"Wildcrafted" might just be our new favorite buzzword
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Wildcrafted beauty: the very name brings to mind forest fairies and frolicking in streams. It's a new buzzword in beauty and for good reason. Educated consumers like to know what is in our products, and it's hard to pronounce — let alone understand — most of the ingredients in our beauty products these days. Wildcrafted products, on the other hand, are defined as using plants and herbs gathered in the wild (think of it like natural beauty products on steroids). Advocates of foraged, not farmed ingredients say that there is more potency in plants that grow wild.

While there's still more research needed to fully back those claims up, we still find ourselves enjoying the wildcrafted beauty trend and all the cool natural beauty products it's pushed to the forefront. After all, it's nice to get back to nature and use natural ingredients. Keep reading to check out some of our favorites.

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The star ingredients include wildcrafted Australian white cypress leaf and snow mushroom extract. It's great for evening out your complexion (so get ready to say goodbye to sunspots).

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Decrease puffiness, moisturize and fill lines like magic with this power-packed combination of bearberry leaf extract, licorice root extract, vitamin C, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid.

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Tata Harper is a farm-based beauty company, and the wildcrafted juniper fruit in the formula works to balance the oil in your skin, without disrupting your pH. We love the tingly sensation of using it and how it clears skin without causing irritation.

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This all-natural face oil is so great for keeping skin extra smooth and soft: The goji berry, chia, and broccoli seed oils, infused with foraged herbs, are bona fide miracle workers.

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