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The 10 Best Indie Beauty Brands of 2018

We're calling it: These under-the-radar beauty brands are about to be everywhere.
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We all know the heavy-hitters of the beauty industry, whether it's drugstore brands that have been around forever, like Olay or Maybelline, or newer brands that instantly became bestsellers after debuting in Sephora, like Fenty Beauty or Glow Recipe. While we love these brands just as much as the next girl, we're always on the lookout for the coolest new indie brand. After all, that's part of our job as beauty editors! That's why we chatted with Jillian Wright, co-founder of Indie Beauty Media Group, about her favorite under-the-radar beauty brands, all of which were showcased at the 2018 Indie Beauty Expo in New York City. Don't be surprised if you start hearing about these brands everywhere really soon.

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Primal Derma
Co-founder Matt Stillman is a former Food Network executive who became obsessed with Paleo, so much so that he started this skin care line, which utilizes triple purified beef fat to condition skin. Don't worry, you won't smell like a hamburger after using the head-to-toe moisturizer, $25. "The line not only works for all skin types, but it really does smell pleasant," says Wright, who notes that the products are formulated with uplifting essential oils like lavender, bulgaris, cypress and lemongrass.

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Herbal Dynamics Beauty
Wright loves this line, which features everything from a strawberry antioxidant cleanser, $20, to a cucumber cooling eye cream, $24, to a mango and macadamia body balm, $26, because the products are beautifully packaged with elegant formulas for under $30. "What else can I say, I love better-made beauty at an affordable price," says Wright.

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Josephine Cosmetics
This chic skin care and makeup line was named after Josephine Baker, one of the most successful African-American performers in French history. (She was also a spy in WWII and an activist. NBD!) "This organic skin care and mineral makeup company has made a name by developing effective, clean formulas and creating rich pigmented colors," says Wright. From richly pigmented liquid lipstick, $34, to super-precise liquid eyeliner, $26, channeling your inner French girl has never been easier.

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No makeup bag is complete without a mirror, and Glamcor's go above and beyond. Wright describes this line as "chic, portable mirrors that make your selfies 'lit' every time." She's a particular fan of the Riki Skinny Mirror, $195, which comes with a case and barely weighs a thing, so it's easy to stash in your carry-on.

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