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8 Must-Have Detanglers That'll Make Your Curls Pop

For when those knots are being fierce!
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When your natural hair tangles easily, it can be quite a mission to keep it knot-free and looking good (without having to pull half your hair out every single time you need to comb it through).

We're sure you've tried many a shampoo and deep conditioner to make your hair feel soft and easier to manage, but curls always take a little extra TLC. So, whether you've got tightly coiled 4C hair, or fine, thin curls, these detanglers will help keep your curls in the best shape possible. Time to make those curls pop!

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This lovely product will detangle your hair without weighing it down or leaving it feeling greasy. It's especially great for 4C hair, as the smoothing elements make it easy to run a wide tooth comb through natural hair without breakage.

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Want sun protection for your hair? You've got it with this product, which is better for longer, finer hair. Plus, if you do use hot tools to perfect your curls, this will protect from the heat and also leave your hair soft and manageable.

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Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush in Pink, $16.99
While finger-detangling has its benefits, it doesn't work for everyone — and besides, sometimes you just want to brush your hair with an actual brush. So, to keep your curls safe, invest in one like this with widely-spaced flexi-bristles that will detangle your hair properly, without breakage.

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Sebastian Potion 9, $18.95
A salon quality product for the girls with the wash-and-go curls. It's a wearable treatment infused with botanical extracts to restore lost moisture and can be used to style with because of its flexible hold.

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