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Hit Snooze One More Time: Beauty Hacks for Your Morning Routine

Sleep in, sister!
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We're all for the 10-step skin care routine in the morning (followed by a full face of makeup, of course). We live for those magical days when we got a full eight hours of sleep — maybe we've even worked out already and still somehow have a luxurious 90 minutes to spare for for a long shower and a relaxing getting-ready sesh. Yeah, that one morning was awesome... But for all the other, less-than-ideal rushed mornings, here are some ways to whittle down your beauty routine and save some precious minutes.

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Do Your Hair the Night Before

Take a shower in the p.m., then do your hair the old fashioned way — the night before (just like your grandma and her trusty foam rollers!). For beachy waves, add a little mousse and wait until your hair is almost dry. Then, you can opt for loose braids or a top knot to add volume and waves.

In the morning, just take it out and finger-comb, then set your style with some finishing spray. Bonus: no heat damage.

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Blast Your Blemish While you Sleep

Have you ever spent precious minutes trying to cover up a red and angry pimple that never seems to look better? Try a hydrocolloid pimple patch overnight to zap the zits and calm your skin overnight, so come morning, you can slap on a little tinted moisturizer and go.

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Chignon for the Win

If you only have 5 minutes to get out the door and your bedhead is out of control, don't freak out. Just pull everything into a messy bun, secure with some bobby pins, and pretend like you meant for that texture to happen.

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Invest in Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions look better than any mascara, and while they can be pricey, how much would you pay for an extra five minutes every morning that you didn't have to mess with eye makeup? Not to mention, you get to say (with truth!), "Yes, I woke up like this."

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