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Why We're Falling Hard for Kaja, Sephora's New K-Beauty Makeup Line

Cuteness level: maximum
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We're suckers for all things Korean beauty, especially when said Korean beauty happens to be cute. So when we got wind of Kaja, Memebox's new color cosmetics line with Sephora, we got very excited.

Kaja is the first co-developed K-beauty brand with Sephora and everything about it is adorable, from the name (which translates to "let's go" in Korean) to the whimsical product aesthetic. It's more than just cute, though; it's got form and function. We found ourselves enjoying the actual formulas every bit as much as the Instagram-worthy packaging. Keep reading to get the lowdown on all the new products.

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Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush, $24

The cute factor is hard to beat on this one (indeed, who among us doesn't relish the idea of stamping hearts onto the apples of their cheeks?) but it definitely helps that the product itself is pretty rad, too. The cushion formula has a thinner texture that makes it easy to build and blend for just the right amount of windswept color.

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Mood Balm Color Changing Lip Moisturizer, $14

We're suckers for all things color-changing and these adorable tinted balms are no exception. It comes in four shades, from a periwinkle that shifts into a glowy pink to a midnight black that transforms into a vibrant berry. They're just the right balance of sheer and pigmented and they're quite hydrating to boot.

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Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio, $21

How snackable are these little eyeshadow trios? They pack a major punch, pigment-wise, and the shimmery formula is perfect for creating a little eye drama.

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Mochi Glow Bouncy Highlighter, $19

We consider ourselves fans of bouncy makeup — the texture is just so much fun and it lends itself especially well to cheek products like this. Though subtle and buildable, holographic shades like Prizm still add a satisfying amount of pop to your cheekbones

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