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We Tested Them: Here Are 5 Instagram Beauty Brands You Should Try

You'll want to double-tap your skin after using these faves
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Raise your hand if you've ever bought something after seeing it on Instagram. OK, everyone got their hands up? Yeah, us too. Social media is something of a brave new world for marketing and more and more brands are optimizing their lines to appeal to the specific aesthetics of juggernauts like Instagram.

You know the look: These products tend to be shiny, minimalistic, and accented with some sort of pastel tone. Sometimes, they're so cute, you'll be tempted to buy them on the spot — but more often than not, you'll probably find yourself doing a little research first. So, with that in mind, we tested some of the most Instagram-worthy beauty brands around... and now we're reporting back to you with our top five favorites. With these brands, the products are of primo quality — on the outside and the inside.

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This new-to-the-market skin care brand not only has minimalistic, pastel packaging — which makes for the perfect addition to your Instagram #shelfie — but is also made to get your skin looking healthy, bright, and fresh. The plant-based line offers a product range that is incredibly simple and effective, making ideal for the millennial woman. As an added bonus, Nuria donates a portion of every sale to girls' education.

Stand out product: Nuria Defend Purifying Bubble Mask, $10

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Glossier, @glossier
If you haven't heard of Glossier at this point, you either a) don't have an Instagram or b) are maybe living under a rock? Glossier has been at the top of the Instagram beauty game for years — in fact, it was recently announced that the beauty juggernaut is worth more than $1 billion, which just goes to show that starting a beauty brand on Instagram can be a very successful venture. The line ranges from gentle skin care products to everyday makeup picks.

Stand Out Product: Glossier Solution, $24

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European beauty queen turned skin care expert Georgette Klinger started her namesake brand back in the 40s and first debuted her incredible products to the public in the 80s. The brand's legacy is now carried on and still draws from traditional European remedies like fruits and herbs. The entire line uses high-quality ingredients sourced from the earth. The brand has had many makeovers over the decades and its current look is particularly photogenic. And best of all? It. Actually. Works.

Stand Out Product: Georgette Klinger Vitamin C Complex, $56

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Glo Skin Beauty's incredibly minimalistic packaging is totally Instagram-worthy... and using the products, your skin will be, too. This popular brand brings professional-grade products right to your bathroom counter. The entire range leverages the best of science and nature, using plant-based ingredients and innovative technology that delivers major results without spending hundreds of dollars on professional treatments.

Stand Out Product: Glo Skin Beauty Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant, $42

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