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Almond Nails: Instagram's New Favorite Nail Shape for 2019

This gorgeous shape is so classic and versatile
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Have you tried almond nails? It's a simple-yet-chic look and we tend to think it strikes the perfect balance on the spectrum of nail shapes. Maybe you're not quite feeling fancy enough to pull off a stiletto nail, but you want something a little more dramatic than the classic rounded shape... almond nails offers a nice happy medium.

Just like other nail shapes, this oval-inspired option can be just as fun to decorate as all the others. To give you some inspiration, we've gone ahead and found 9 of the most unique and eye-catching almond nail looks in all of Instagram. Keep on clicking to see our top picks.

Image via Imaxtree

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Sequins Galore
Let your nail artist go wild on your digits with all their favorite sequin embellishments. With this design option, you can opt for all 10 of your fingers covered in the fun bling, or just choose one or two accent nails.

Image via @_amandali_99

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Just as colorblock clothing and accessories are having a moment in 2019, nail designs are too. It's the ideal option for a nail look when you can't choose just one shade. Pick at least two and go wild decking out your digits.

Image via @07lilly_nails

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Milky Nails
Sometimes, you can't go wrong with the classics: Turns out, a milky white polish looks great with almond nails.

Image via @nailsbymei

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Long Length
Amp up the drama by trying out the almond-shaped tips on longer nails — you won't be disappointed.

Image via @maronitamoreiradacosta

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