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8 Body Washes That Will Leave You With Super-Soft Skin

Finally, a shower routine that won't dry you out
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Showering is part of your daily routine, but how much attention do you really pay to your body wash? All that sudsing up can strip your skin of moisture, leaving you feeling dry once you step out of the shower. This is especially the case during the winter months, when there's less moisture in the air and you're already more prone to dryness. The good news is, there are some super-moisturizing body washes out there that will leave you feeling silky smooth all day long. Say goodbye to dry skin and embrace the softness by adding these hydrating body washes to your bathroom.

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Dove has reformulated their classic body washes to be even more moisturizing. The new formula contains a blend of nutrients, as well as a plant-based moisturizer, that helps protect your skin's barrier so moisture stays in. One of our faves of the collection is this lavender-chamomile body wash, which not only nourishes skin, but also helps boost relaxation with its calming scent.

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It's true what they say: Milk does the body good. This creamy cleanser is gentle enough to be used on your face as well as body. It has a milky texture and is formulated with prickly pear extract, which moisturizers and protects skin, in addition to a bio-lipid complex high in skin-friendly vitamins.

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You've probably seen Necessaire on your Instagram feed, and there's a reason this body wash is so popular amongst beauty editors and influencers alike. The rich, gel-oil formula contains softening ingredients including marula, cacay, and meadowfoam oils, while mild plant-derived surfactants cleanse skin without stripping it. The body wash has been designed to support your natural pH so that you can reap the benefits of all the ingredients.

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Glossier gets it right with this hypoallergenic body wash that's been tested not only by dermatologists but gynos as well (so you can wash, you know, down there without any irritation). It has a seven-oil blend that lifts away dirt and grime from your skin without drying you out. Plus, the orange blossom neroli scent is totally heavenly.

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