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These Moisturizing In-Shower Treatments Leave Your Skin Oh-So Soft

Looking for more from your shower? Check out these in-shower products that use the power of water to work some skin-loving magic.
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In the summer, it feels like you can't shower enough: The perfect storm of sweat, humidity and unrelenting heat join forces to create an overall sense of ickiness that sends most of us running to the water. All that showering comes with a price, though — it can actually strip your skin of vital moisture, causing dryness, itching, and other skin maladies.

Never fear, though — we've rounded up the best in-shower body products that work with water to seal in hydration while they do their thing. There's something for every situation, whether you're looking for a moisturizing body wash, an in-shower lotion, or even a hassle-free self-tanner. Better skin is right this way... just add water.

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This gorgeous 2-in-1 lotion gently exfoliates while it seals in moisture, deftly removing surface dirt and dead skin. If the summer grime has got you down, reach for this lush mixture of exfoliating pearls and argan oil — it'll leave you with clean, hydrated, radiant skin for over 24 hours.

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This gentle shower oil and body wash cleanses with naturally-extracted coconut and a bevy of other naturally-derived ingredients. When it comes into contact with water, the creamy milk emulsifies into a light lather that cleanses oh-so-gently, leaving skin hydrated and smooth as silk.

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Soothing as it is cleansing, this soap-free shower gel is formulated to bust through grime while protecting your skin's natural moisture barrier and pH levels. Formulated for dry, sensitive skin, the product contains Community Trade almond oil and honey, so it's just as kind to the planet as it is to your skin.

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The luxurious almond milk in the formula of this in-shower body lotion works with the warmth and humidity of the shower to really lock hydration into your skin. Simply smooth on this creamy lotion after cleansing and let the lush fragrance relax your mind. Rinse off, step out of the shower, and delight in smoothness and moisturized complexion that improves your skin in just five days of use.

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