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The 7 Best Super Moisturizing Sunscreens for Winter

Choose a winter sunscreen that works harder than you
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Even though we tend to think of SPF as a summer-only essential, the reality is that sunscreen is something you must apply year-round. Of course, you'll likely be applying less since you're sweating less (hence a reduced need to reapply) and you're exposing less skin. However, the skin that is exposed — that'd be your face, neck, and hands — is particularly prone to UV damage, since it's thinner.

Another factor to consider? Come winter, you may benefit more from an ultra-hydrating SPF. So, to help you find a product that does exactly that, we've rounded up our favorite moisturizing sunscreens.

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If you're unfamiliar with Kiwi Botanicals, you'll be happy to learn that this recently debuted, New Zealand-inspired skin care line is available on the cheap at Walmart (!). The brand just launched an SPF that makes moisturizing a key component of the formulation. It's still lightweight though, and contains nourishing manuka honey, sea kelp, kiwi extract, and vitamin B3.

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Korean beauty brands consistently deliver superior sunscreen products, and this is no exception. This cult favorite features a very thin consistency that increases moisture by up to 21 percent while still packing an SPF of 50. Hero ingredients include a natural barrier complex, aloe vera leaf extract, glycofilm 1.5P to protect skin, and helichrysum flower water to calm the skin.

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Mad Hippie Facial SPF, $24.99

If you prefer a physical/mineral sunscreen versus a chemical formulation, this option is a winner. Zinc oxide shields the skin from the sun while botanical oils — including red raspberry seed, avocado, carrot seed, and jasmine — seriously nourish and hydrate. It also contains hydrating shea butter, skin plumping hyaluronic acid, and a potent antioxidant blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid.

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Minimalists will appreciate Supergoop's popular moisturizer, which acts as both your morning SPF and hydrator. This lightweight, bouncy formula glides on seamlessly, soaks up quickly, protects and nourishes with blue-green algae, and boasts an SPF of 40. It also protects from blue light damage (as in damage from digital screens and overhead lights) with cerium, a rare mineral element.

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