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20 Healthy Snacks That'll Keep You Away From the Vending Machine

Don't let the siren call of the vending machine interrupt your healthy eating
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Let's face it: there's nothing quite worse than some unwanted vending machine temptation right in the middle of your workday. After all, cookies, candy bars, and potato chips always seem to be call your name when you're trying to watch your waistline. Sigh.

But before you write off snacktime altogether, know that there are healthier alternatives available that allow you to stay committed to your health goals (while also treating your taste buds). With that in mind, we've highlighted 20 different options that will satisfy your sweet tooth (or salt lust), and fit nicely inside your purse or work bag at the same time. From drinkable yogurt to sugar-free chocolate, below are some amazing options that will keep you full until it's quitting time.

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Gimme Snacks Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks, $4.99 for 3

Unlike potato chips, these seaweed snacks are full of nutrients — including high levels of iodine, calcium, protein and more. They also contain red algae, an important ingredient that is said to increase blood circulation, regulate blood sugar levels and lower LDL (aka bad cholesterol).

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Lily's Chocolate Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds, $5.99

These stevia-sweetened nuts (available in four varieties) only contain one gram of sugar per serving, and they taste so good you won't even be able to tell they're good for you.

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Fat Snax Cookies Variety Pack, $17.99 for 6 packs (12 cookies)

Tasty cookies with no sugar, low net carbs and just eight grams of fat? No, you're not dreaming — these yummy, keto-friendly cookies allow you to curb your sweet tooth without indulging in pure sugar overload.

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Angie's Boomchickapop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn Snack Packs, $3.29

This guilt-free snack is so satisfying and crunchy and it it contains just 140 calories per pack — plus, it's made with simple, wholesome ingredients.

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