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9 Healthy Pre-Packaged Snacks You Can Get on Amazon

For when you don't have time to prepare
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There are lots of times when we need to grab-n-go snacks — but they shouldn't always be junk. Eating processed fats, refined sugars, and other dietary no-nos wreaks havoc on your skin and hair; not to mention your health.

So, to combat this, stock up on some healthy pre-packaged snacks. Just order a bunch of these real food snacks on Amazon right now (and you'll have them here tomorrow). Throw a few in your bag, a couple in your car — and voilà: You are now prepared to resist all snackly temptations; from the Cheetos taunting you from the office vending machine to the double sugar frappucino with whipped cream you've been trying to avoid all week.

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Youtopia Snacks Variety Pack, $27.97 for a pack of 10
Whatever you're craving, Youtopia snack packs have you covered. There's "Bananas for Chocolate" to satisfy your sweet tooth, and "So Money Honey Mustard" for when you're craving salty goodness. The best part? They're all high protein, low sugar and gluten-free.

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That's It Apple + Fig Fruit Bars, $8.99 for 5
We're not the only ones to reach into the fridge for some grapes only to find we've waited too long and they're all brown and shriveled, right? Well, here's some fruit you don't have to refrigerate — you can leave in your purse for whenever those hunger pangs strike, where you can reach for them any time.

(Plus, they're yummy.)

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TruWomen Smother Fudger Peanut Butter Bars, $29.99 for 12
Chocolate plus peanut butter is always a winning combination — and these bars take it to the next level with pure ingredients and 12 grams of protein. They're especially perfect for refueling after a workout.

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Kim's Premium Natural Roasted Seaweed (Nori) Snack, $11.50 for 16
A crispy, salty snack that's good for you? Yes, please. With tons of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, these tasty seaweed snacks are fantastic for appetite control — they leave you feeling fuller longer.

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