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12 Delicious Snacks You Didn't Know Were Keto

You're going to want to add these 12 tasty treats to your lunchbox.
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When you're observing a ketogenic diet, finding high-fat and low-carb snack choices that boost your energy levels without jeopardizing ketosis can be a challenge. Thankfully, with the rising popularity of the diet, it's easier than ever to find scrumptious keto-friendly snacks (we're talking cookies, nutrition bars and more).

To bring you the best keto snack choices possible, we rounded up 12 options you can easily pack in your work bag or lunchbox. Read on for some surprisingly keto, mouth-watering items that are sure to fill you up without sacrificing any hard-earned fat burning action.

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Roth Creamy Cheddar Snack Cheese, $3-$7
Believe it or not, fresh cheese is totally keto-friendly. Each packaged Roth cheese snack packs five grams of protein, five grams of fat and absolutely zero carbs. Stash this portable cheese pack inside your lunchbox whenever you need a protein boost during your workday.

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Moon Cheese, $4.99
If you are looking for a keto-safe alternative to crunchy cheese crackers, these nonperishable high-protein snacks are low in carbs and provide your diet with an excellent source of calcium.

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Cratejoy The Keto Box, $40 per month
Not sure what kind of keto snacks you should choose? This life-saving box delivers seven low-carb goodies right to your doorstep each month so you won't have to constantly scroll through ingredient lists and nutrition facts.

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IQ BAR Brain Food Bar, $29.99 for 12
Accommodating keto, vegan and gluten-free diets, trust any of these energy bars to keep you sharp and ready for anything the workday has in store.

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