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12 Healthyish Breakfasts That Taste As Good As Dessert

All the decadence and flavor without the guilt
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We've all had those "breakfasts" that are really desserts in disguise. (It's the reason we love brunch so much.) Waffles topped with fluffy whipped cream, pancakes drenched in syrup, chia seed puddings that are, well, more pudding than chia seed. And you know what? They definitely beat a dry piece of toast or a nondescript bowl of cereal.

The only problem? Well... they're not exactly good for you — they don't give you the fuel you need and more often than not, they're packed with sugar. We're all for enjoying ourselves — but we're also all for enjoying something that tastes amazing, but has some decent health benefits, too.

These breakfasts fulfill the requirements so you can start off the day with a nutritious and delicious option; they deliver flavor indulgence without being sinfully sweet. Try one of them next weekend... who knows, you might even find yourself having it again for lunch and dinner.

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Whole Wheat, Oatmeal and Banana Waffles

Almost every single craving will be satisfied with these whole wheat, oatmeal and banana waffles. They have sweetness from banana and maple syrup and chocolate crunch from cacao nibs. The batter doesn't have any added sugar so the waffles are not overly sweet. Another bonus? The mix of whole wheat flour with oats ups the healthy fiber quotient.

Image and recipe via @hellospoonful

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Carrot Cake Oats

Have your cake and eat it for breakfast with these carrot cake oats. Carrots and raisins lend natural sweetness, so added sugar isn't necessary — save for an optional drizzle of maple syrup, that is. Plus, this breakfast recipe is so much easier to whip up than an actual carrot cake!

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Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Bowl

We're not lying when we say that this smoothie bowl tastes like Black Forest cake, thanks to cocoa powder and cherries. No one would ever know that it's also packed with spinach. (Yes, really.)

Image and recipe via @deliciaskitchen

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Healthy Baked Doughnuts

"Healthy" and "doughnuts" are two words that don't often go to together, but here's a rare case where they do. If you have a craving for doughnuts for brekkie, this is a good option. (Remember, we said "healthyish," OK?) They're made with whole wheat flour and coconut sugar to boost their virtuosity.

Image and recipe via @nowaythatshealthy

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