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6 Popular Foods and Drinks That Might Be Drying Out Your Skin

Dry skin even though you regularly apply moisturizer?
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We know by now that we should moisturize constantly, drink enough water and try to eat well. This means your complexion should reflect that, right? Well, not always: Sometimes we eat or drink certain things that could actually be bad for our skin.

"Topical creams and lotions treat surface dryness well. I recommend using them every day, twice a day," says Dr. Michael Eidelman, medical director of Chelsea Skin and Laser. He also acknowledges that there are certain foods and beverages that can take moisture from it. "We want to achieve skin health by what we put on the body and what we put in the body," he explains.

He also advises keeping your blood sugar levels constant as it is the best thing for healthy, hydrated skin. "Processed sugars and carbohydrates will offset the glucose levels in the body and may affect hormone levels which can contribute to skin dryness," says Eidelman. Keep reading for a nifty guide to the food and drinks that could be drying out your skin.

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Having too much of a good time could be bad for your skin, especially if you have naturally drier skin than most. Since it acts as a diuretic, alcohol can leave your skin feeling dry, and can even contribute to premature aging.

So, if you're drinking, make sure to stay hydrated! And maybe it might just be time to take a Dry January (no matter what month it is)...

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Coffee and soda
"More than one or two servings of coffee or soft drinks per day have been shown to dull the complexion, make skin more dry and look older," says Eidelman. "Caffeine is a diuretic," he explains, "You go to the bathroom more often draining you of much needed hydration to your body and skin. It's better to use a good quality skin care cream containing caffeine than it is to consume excessive amounts of it."

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Salty foods
If you find yourself adding extra salt to everything, you might want to cut back, as it can dry out your skin. A recent study found that salt may be a contributing factor to certain health conditions, including allergies and eczema.

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Vitamin A rich foods or supplements
"Vitamin A is a popular supplement in controlling acne. It can help acne prone skin by normalizing oil production," says Eidelman. "In those cases, the skin will be more balanced and clearer." There's a downside, though: "Too much vitamin A, usually resulting from the over use of oral supplements, can create changes in vision, appetite and drying of the skin or nails," he explains.

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