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14 Things to Put on Toast That Aren't Avocado

There's more to life (and bread) than avo toast
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As delicious and nutritious as it is, we've definitely reached peak avocado toast. Sorry, avo, but you just can't be our main squeeze anymore — there are plenty of other toast toppings to love. Having trouble breaking up? Read on for some other delicious and healthy things to put on toast.

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Butternut Squash Butter, Caramelized Onions and Almond Ricotta
This mouthwatering toast is the perfect way to try out butternut squash butter, made of roasted squash with a bit of coconut sugar, lemon juice and spices. Mix the orange puree with almond ricotta, caramelized onions and fresh herbs on a toasted multigrain boule for a satisfying option for breakfast, lunch, snack and even dinner.

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Strawberries, Coconut Cream Cheese and Basil
There are other fruits to slather on toast besides avocados. (Avocado is technically a fruit.) Get creative and layer coconut cream cheese on toasted rye bread. Top with strawberries and basil for a fresh combination.

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Banana, Almond Butter and Coconut
Banana plus bread plus nut butter equals serious nostalgia. Put a fresh, even more nutritious spin on it by swapping the traditional peanut butter for almond butter. Then layer on coconut milk yogurt, granola, bee pollen, coconut flakes and wildflower honey. This isn't your mama's banana and peanut butter sandwich.

Recipe and image via @eatsbyaustin

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Tuna, Nutritional Yeast and Parsley
This tuna toast can be prepared in the time that it takes to peel an avocado. Combine olive-oil-packed tuna with parsley and nutritional yeast and spoon it on toast for a filling fuel up.

Recipe and image via @nicolesdailyeats

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