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5 Beauty Products Wellness Influencer Hannah Bronfman Can't Live Without

The new mom shares her breakout secrets and more.
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If you've never noticed a blemish on Hannah Bronfman's face it might have less to do with Instagram filters and more to do with what's in her skin care arsenal. When we spoke to the wellness influencer and DJ, who now splits her time between the Hamptons and Manhattan as she cares for her new son Preston, she shared key products to fight hyperpigmentation, redness and inflammation.

Always honest about her personal struggles, including her three years of infertility which included a miscarriage and in vitro fertilization, Bronfman chatted with us about all things beauty. She even revealed the five products she can't live without.

Image via Hannah Bronfman

"After a long day I like to take a bath to relax and zen out. This CBD bath bomb elevates my bath and helps relieve stress and tension. It's packed with essential oils and minerals to nourish your skin."

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"Night skin care is really important to me because it's when I can restore my skin and give it the attention it deserves. This serum has bakuchiol, which is a retinol alternative, and is packed with vitamin C so it does a great job resurfacing and brightening the skin."

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"I like to layer this serum into my daytime skin care routine. It's made with vitamin C and vitamin A, it's collagen boosting and helps lighten scars. This serum is great for all skin types and dry skin."

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"These cryo sticks stay cold longer than any other cryo sticks I've tried. They're really good for reducing inflammation and if I have a breakout, I'll use these sticks on the area for a few minutes to help bring down redness and inflammation. I also love to use these sticks after a face mask with a cooling facial massage."

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