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Get the Locks You're Longing for With These Hair Growth Products

No prescription required.
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With everything going on in the world right now there's a very real possibility you've experienced some hair loss. Fortunately, stress-related hair loss, referred to as telogen effluvium, is temporary and reversible. There are even over-the-counter products available that can help expedite the regrowth process.

Today we're sharing such products and, with board certified dermatologist insight, explaining how some of the key ingredients work. Some of these products are also effective for age- and genetic-related hair loss.

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Formulated specifically for women, this treatment contains 5 percent minoxidil, a favored topical ingredient that helps slow and reverse hair loss.

"Minoxidil is the only over-the-counter medication for hair loss approved by the FDA for use by both men and women," explains board certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer. "It works best in those who are just starting to notice hair loss because once the hair is gone or the follicle is miniaturized, resting or small, minoxidil will not work to bring the hair back to the thicker density or darker color."

Minoxidil is meant to be used once or twice daily and requires approximately four months of consistent use to see results.

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Hers Minoxidil Solution, $45

This is a 2 percent minoxidil treatment formulated for women. It can be purchased once or you can sign up for monthly delivery.

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Viviscal is one of the leading over-the-counter supplements for hair loss and it's Emer's top choice for at-home remedies.

"I really like Viviscal as part of the routine for daily hair care to slow down the process of loss, to keep the scalp healthy and keep the hair stronger, thicker and darker with better luster and growth," says Emer. "While hair supplements may not prevent hereditary hair loss from occurring, they can give your hair a much better chance of surviving or slow the process of thinning."

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Nutrafol Women, $88

For a more holistic approach, consider this supplement. Its goal is to target some of the most common causes of thinning hair in women, including stress and nutrition. The ingredients are clinically tested to support overall wellness, which can also improve your sleep, energy level, overall mood and even skin health.

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