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8 New Shampoos for Thinning Hair

Whether your hair is thin, thinning or both, there's a new generation of shampoos promising to help it reach -- or return to -- its full potential
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Thinning hair used to be largely a man's problem -- one of the few beauty issues women didn't have to worry about. But for the last few years, I've heard from countless dermatologists that thinning hair is becoming more common than ever before among women -- even women in their 20s and 30s. And that's where these shampoos for thinning hair come in.

From genetics to stress to hormones to styling damage to environmental issues like pollution, the causes of thinning hair are vast and not entirely understood. However, the consensus is that products that nourish the scalp and prevent further damage should help you maintain the fullness you already have -- and potentially reverse thinning.

These shampoos for thinning hair are also fantastic for fine, damaged, aging or color-treated hair -- or, well, just about anyone who doesn't have naturally perfect tresses. Read on to discover what makes each one special -- and then you may want to share it with the men in your life.

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Deep Cleaning Shampoo for Thinning Hair
As you might guess from the spelling, Harklinikken is a Danish brand that was developed by doctors working in a (surprisingly chic) hair restoration clinic in Copenhagen. While the star of the line is the "Extract" that's created for each patient after a consultation, the Harklinikken BCB Shampoo, $29, is also incredibly important. It's a deep cleansing shampoo with an unusual, almost watery consistency and herbal scent. It's packed with botanical ingredients, the key being burdock root, which helps regulate sebum production and, in turn, hair growth.

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Damage Control Shampoo
When the folks at Strivectin formulated StrivectinHair Ultimate Restore Shampoo for Damaged or Thinning Hair, $25, they borrowed science from their skin care products. The key ingredient in the shampoo is NIA-114, a special type of niacinamide that nourishes the scalp, allowing it to produce healthier hair.

Recognizing that thinning hair is also generally fine and brittle, they added a strengthening complex made of sweet almond protein, soy and keratin to the formula. It reinforces each hair strand, helping it stand up to styling damage.

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Shampoo to Complement Your Supplements
Viviscal is primarily known for its hair growth supplements, which support healthy hair from the inside out. And the new Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo, $19.99, contains similar ingredients yet works on the hair and scalp externally. Thanks to a special blend of pea sprouts and grape seeds, it encourages hair to grow thicker. Meanwhile, biotin, keratin and zinc nourish each strand.

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Anti-Aging Shampoo
As we age, our hair changes, and thinning is just one of the possible shifts. The MIT scientists who created Living Proof turned their attention to aging hair and developed Living Proof Timeless Shampoo, $28, to reverse and fight all signs of hair aging. In addition to Living Proof's signature ingredient (OFPMA -- which balances moisture and repels dirt and oil), this shampoo contains amino acids to strengthen strands and ceramide-like lipids to seal hair cuticles, which helps prevents damage and makes hair look fuller and healthier.

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