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17 Galaxy Hair Ideas That Bend the Space-Time Continuum

The latest hair color trend has us modeling our manes after the Milky Way. Here, our favorite looks
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Over the last few seasons, we've become well-acquainted with offbeat, colorful hair trends: pastel hair, rainbow hair, granny hair. But this winter, it's all about the galaxy hair. And, yes, for the record, it is out of this world.

Galaxy hair consists of "multi-tonal hair color flowing from blues, purples, greens [and] sometimes reds as well as silver," says owner and lead colorist at The Paint Box in Brooklyn Jenny Regec. It's an answer to the light, translucent pastels we saw all summer -- made richer and more intense.

Galaxy hair may look like a trend reserved for Pinterest, but Lea Leonardis, lead stylist at Ja Vi No Salon in Plains, Pennsylvania, says that teens, women in their early 20s and even young moms have been coming into the salon asking for the cosmic look. It's "great for someone who wants to experiment with colors and is eager to try something new," she says.

Galaxy hair isn't exactly low-maintenance, however. You're looking at four to five hours in the salon, says Adrien Flammier, senior stylist at San Francisco's Atelier Emmanuel -- longer if you're starting out with dark hair. And it works best with layered hair (of any length), so you may need to spring for a cut as well.

Cost-wise, a head of galaxy hair will run you $350-$600, plus the time and dough to come in every five weeks for touchups.

But even if you don't see yourself rocking galaxy hair this winter, it's still stunning to behold from afar -- much like our actual galaxy. So, we rounded up a veritable planetarium of our favorite galaxy hair ideas. Ready? Blastoff.

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Aurora Braid-ealis
This blue and purple blend looks particularly picturesque in braid form.

Image via Pinterest

We love how this galaxy hair idea incorporates elements of the "lived-in color" trend with pink roots, transitioning into blue and green shades.

Image via Tumblr

We are transfixed by this ultra-pigmented galaxy hair design.

Image via Pinterest

This editorial crown braid shows the luxe side of galaxy hair.

Image via Yoshitaka Miyazaki

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