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25 Kylie Jenner Beauty Looks That Will Wow Everyone -- Even Her Haters

Whether Kylie's experimenting with hair color, contouring or nail art, she's a bold beauty risk-taker who's worth watching
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Regardless of how you feel about Kylie Jenner, there's no doubt she knows a thing or two about pulling off a flawlessly executed beauty look. Not only does she have a makeup line in the works and an existing line of hair extensions, but she recently launched a lifestyle website -- full of makeup tutorials -- that crashed on its debut day due to too much traffic. (Looks like she took a note from sister Kim about that whole breaking the Internet thing.)

When it comes to beauty, Kylie's experimented with everything from wearing wigs and shaving her head to changing her hair and eye color, as well as altering her appearance via contouring or a little help from plumpers. No matter what beauty trend you're interested in, chances are she's tried it -- and that's probably part of the reason the teen boasts a whopping 38.2 million followers on Instagram. (To put that into perspective, President Obama has 4.7 million.)

Here, 25 looks that will pique your interest even if you're not part of her 38.2 million deep squad.

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Brownie Points
Hey, remember the '90s? Kylie, who was born in '97, probably doesn't but that doesn't mean she didn't embrace a good ole throwback trend by donning the bold brown lips that dominated the decade. And she somehow managed to make the intimidating style look wearable and fresh -- you know, instead of like she was channeling Drew Barrymore's look circa her "Scream" days.

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Feeling Blue
Kylie, is that you? The color chameleon was nearly unrecognizable when she switched up her hair and eye color, wearing teal extensions -- from her Kylie Hair Kouture collection, naturally -- and blue-gray contacts.

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Smoking Hot
Black isn't so basic when Kylie spins the smoky eye look to rest under the lower lash line instead of on her lids.

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Mature Beyond Her Years
Most women go to great length to hide grey hairs but Kylie wholeheartedly embraced silver strands with a grey ombre look that read more glam than gran.

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