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Which Perfume Matches Your Signature Style?

Are you a romantic or a tomboy? A rebel or a sex bomb? Find the fall fragrance that suits your vibe
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Makeup and clothes tend to get all the attention when it comes to personal style, but above all else, the perfume you wear is most connected to the fabric of your being.

"Fragrances should be about scents you love," says Demeter Fragrance Library CEO Mark Crames, "and the smells each of us love is a product of our personal experience." In other words, as much as your memories shape your personality, they shape your favorite scents, as well. Someone who grew up in the Oregonian woods will likely have an entirely different personality -- and different scent preferences -- than someone who grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

With all the exciting new fragrance releases this fall, it can be tricky wading through the waters to find the fragrance that speaks to you -- not only to your personal experiences, but your signature style at large.

That's where our vision boards come in. Whether you're an uptown city girl or a sporty adventurer, we've combed through the best fall scents to help you find your match. Here, your inspirational guide to finding your trademark perfume this season.

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The Uptown Girl
Personality Type: You appreciate refinery in life -- beautiful shoes, a well manicured apartment. But you're not one for extravagance. You prefer cool simplicity over opulence, a crisp white blouse over a glitzy gown. Your favorite meal is oysters and Pinot Grigio. You summer in the Hamptons and winter in Tahoe (or you would if you could). "Chic" was your first word, and that is exactly how you like your fragrances to this day. Think: iris, sandalwood and bergamot.

Fragrance Spirit Animal: Olivia Palermo

Scent Match: Givenchy Immortelle Tribal, $220, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra, $65

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The Boho Princess
Personality Type: You are young (or young-at-heart), long-haired and free-spirited. You've never met a flower crown or folk song you didn't like. In another era they would've called you a hippie or a beatnik, but since it's 2015, your friends describe you as "boho chic."

In a fragrance, you look for incense, salty air and exotic orchids -- something that reminds you of the beach or burning sage. You're also drawn to something with a pretty bottle that complements the bungalow you live in.

Fragrance Spirit Animal: Vanessa Hudgens

Scent Match: Wildfox Eau de Parfum, $90, Lisa Hoffman Hawaiian Plumeria, $65

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The Athlete
Personality Type: You're a golfer, a dancer, a hiker. You keep your makeup minimal and your hair pulled back. You're sporty and scrappy; you don't sleep in. If you have Sunday brunch plans at noon, you're out jogging by 9 a.m. You're All-American. You're the girl next door, all grown up. You like your fragrances bright and energizing -- we're talking citrus, lychee and peach blossom.

Fragrance Spirit Animal: Misty Copeland

Scent Match: Adidas Born Original for Her, $45, Calvin Klein Eternity Now, $82

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The Romantic
Personality Type: You are chocolate-covered strawberries and café au lait. Your uniform is an ever-so-sheer dress and soft, wavy hair. You fall in love easy. You long for France. You like when he holds the door and offers you his coat. You're known for your pouty lips and sense of je ne sais quoi, and your perfume is intrinsic to your coquettish allure. You look for sheer, feminine floral notes: violet, rose and white amaryllis.

Fragrance Spirit Animal: Marion Cotillard

Scent Match: Caudalie Rose de Vigne, $39, Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops, $84, Anthropologie Fictions Eau De Parfum in Paris, $48

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