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10 Fitness Influencers Who Show You New Workouts Almost Everyday

It's basically like having a personal trainer in your pocket
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Whether you're new to the fitness game or you've been pumping iron for years now, chances are you could use a little workout inspo from time to time. Sure, you could hire a personal trainer, but who has the cash lying around for that? Truly, we'd rather spend that cash on new activewear (okay, or food, fine)... which is why we're turning to Instagram.

It's pretty easy — we just went to the "Explore" page and found a whole bunch of amazing fitness influencers, most of whom post brand new workout ideas and tutorials on the daily! We're sharing a few of our favorites here — click through the slideshow ahead to meet them now. (Your six-pack abs will thank us later.)

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Melanie Stewart
This Massachusetts-based fitness influencer is studying Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, but that doesn't stop her from busting out some serious workouts multiple times a week. She makes sure to label the circuits so that when you're scrolling through her feed, you can easily choose a workout based on the part of your body you want to work that day.

Image via @mstewart_fitness

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Emily Ricketts
Emily is a lady on a mission to help women feel strong. The YouTuber and personal trainer shows off her workouts to her 164k Instagram followers multiple times each week, on top of all the activewear recommendations and fun self-care tips.

Image via @emrickettz

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Kaylee Ullom
This fit mama (as she calls herself) is a "booty builder," constantly working her booty (among other parts of her body) and sharing her expertise with the Internet. She's also working to her people get fit with her @homeworkoutprogram, which you can sign up for to get exclusive access to exercise how-to videos.

Image via @kayleeullom

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Ashleigh Jordan
Ashleigh Jordan is pretty much the ultimate fit, blonde bombshell. And in addition to being a seriously inspiring buff babe, she also owns her own activewear company, @nvgtn, where she offers incredibly high-quality workout wear that you can feel sexy and strong in.

Image via @ashleigh_jordan

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