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6 Dope Fitness Classes That Basically Double as a Photo Opp

Get ready for your sweaty close-up!
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Whether you're stuck in a fitness rut (not the treadmill again!), are lacking motivation to get physical, or simply want to add a little pizzazz to your current exercise regimen, you're in luck. The fitness industry is absolutely ablaze, you guys — which means there's no shortage of fun new classes to try.

"The boutique wellness space offers more variety, specificity, and unique fitness opportunities than ever," says Kate Ligler, a certified trainer and wellness manager for MINDBODY. "While kickboxing, rock climbing, pole dancing, and aerial workouts all will require some initial patience, practice, and strength development, they can all be incredibly cathartic, build stamina applicable to other activities, and sculpt your body."

To inspire your perspiring, we did some digging to pinpoint today's trendiest classes that basically double as a photo opp. So, rally your pals or hit up a local class solo to make new friends (and burn some cals).

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We've got kickboxing at the top of our list for a couple reasons: First, it's one of the hottest classes to take right now, according to a recent survey by MINDBODY. Second, kickboxing delivers a killer workout.

"Kickboxing is a high-intensity, non-contact class filled with punches, kicks, and knee jabs — all choreographed to fun beats. All levels can expect a total body workout that shreds calories, challenges your coordination, and engages your core from every angle," says Ligler. "If you are looking to target weight loss, improve your balance or stamina, build faster reflexes, or just blow off some steam at the end of a long day, this class is a great choice."

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Drum-Based Exercise
Here's your chance to finally get ahold of those drumsticks and go wild. Drum-based fitness classes — POUND being the most notable — give you a full-body cardio workout that combines plyometrics, small isometric movements, pilates, and "air drumming." And before you freak out about your musical talent (or perhaps lack thereof), know that the routines aren't overly complex. In fact, they're designed in a way that makes it easy for anyone to pick up the sticks and nail it.

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Aerial Workouts
"Aerial workouts cross a wide spectrum of movements, but generally involve silks, trapeze equipment, hammocks, or hoops to accomplish a total body workout while suspended off the ground in a hybrid art-meets-sport format," notes Ligler. "Typically, those with great body control — dancers, gymnasts, yogis — are drawn to these workouts, but anyone who wants to develop strength in combination with heightened body awareness will be a great fit with both practice and patience."

If you're new to the game and simply want to give it a try, call your local studio to see if they offer an introductory class (many do) so you can get the hang of it — quite literally!

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Pole Dancing
Pole dancing is pretty much synonymous with sex appeal, and the classes are notably provocative. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then sign yourself up for a class, stat.

Ligler says, "Pole studios are a safe haven for self-expression that incorporate strength, dance, agility, and choreography to accomplish supported and unsupported movements on a pole. These are fun, no-judgment workouts that will challenge your core and upper body, in addition to your creativity in a very scalable manner — welcoming even the most introverted beginner."

Over the long term, pole dancing classes are a great way to achieve insane tone and flexibility, but more than that they can help relieve stress, give you a chance to let out your inner tiger and amp up your confidence.

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