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Who Knew? Fermented Ingredients Also Do Amazing Things for Your Skin Care

Like fermented foods, these products have a slew of added benefits, including more potent active ingredients
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Fermented skin care is having a moment, though the concept has been a staple in K-beauty routines for centuries. Our skin loves natural food sources. Fermented skin care, much like fermented foods, means that microorganisms (bacteria) have been added, which release enzymes that break down the ingredients, yielding products that our skin (and tummies) love. Just like wine, beer, kimchi, sauerkraut and yogurt are fermented into foods that promote healthy gut bacteria, ingredients like yeast, milk, fruit and plants are fermented into skin care products with so many added benefits.

Fermentation causes a substance to undergo three major changes — 1) it becomes easier for the skin to absorb, 2) it removes irritating substances and 3) it becomes more nutrient-dense. Basically, the bacteria breaks down the substance into smaller particles (for easier absorption), it neutralizes irritants (like pesticides) so the end product is gentle enough for sensitive skin and the process produces antioxidants, peptides and amino acids not found in the raw material, so it becomes a topical nutrient powerhouse. Typically, the fermentation of skin care ingredients is much shorter than that of foods because it will eventually cause the ingredients to break down and be less effective. Fermentation also helps to prolong a product's shelf life — no need to add synthetic preservatives as it's full of anti-microbial organisms.

If you're looking to hydrate, plump and minimize lines and wrinkles, consider adding a fermented skin care product to your regimen. Popular fermented ingredients include: berries, seaweed, tea and yeast (to name a few). These natural wonders can strengthen your skin barrier and give you stunning results. Here are a few of our favorite fermented products to try now.

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Fermented Ingredient(s): Black Tea Kombucha

Why we love it: If you're a fan of the bubbly beverage, try this lightweight essence that instantly plumps and brightens up a dull complexion. Fermentation ups the antioxidant and anti-pollution factors to help treat and prevent fine lines. Splash it on after cleansing to prep skin for your other products — it has a yummy, refreshing scent too.

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Fermented Ingredient(s): Yeast, Rice

Why we love it: This scent-free gel-serum absorbs so quickly, leaving skin brighter and pores and fine lines less visible. It doesn't leave behind any stickiness and it balances oil production, so it's just as great under makeup as it is at bedtime.

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Fermented Ingredient(s): A Fermented Oil Blend (Argan, Licorice, Olive and Shiunko)

Why we love it: Full of polyphenols, omega fatty acids and antioxidants, this lightweight oil softens lines and improves the elasticity of skin. It also contains vitamin C and turmeric to brighten. Use it to soothe and soften after any exfoliating treatment or as a glow-inducing step prior to applying makeup.

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Fermented Ingredient(s): Black Tea Kombucha

Why we love it: While this one is a bit of a splurge, hear us out. This serum packs a punch moisturizing, smoothing lines and plumping the skin. The silky, lightweight formula contains cone snail venom to relax wrinkles as well as hyaluronic acid to plump and vitamin E to heal damage caused by free radicals. Use it day and night for softer, smoother skin.

Available September 2018

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