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15 Natural Hairstyles That Are Great for Fancy Events

Who says natural hair isn't versatile?
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You've been invited to a great party or wedding, and you've got your outfit sorted and you know what make up look you're going to be serving... but what to do with your hair??

There's a stigma that natural hair cannot look fancy enough for a big party unless it's straightened and then made to look "acceptable" by western beauty standards, but that simply isn't true. Natural hair can be diverse, beautiful and fun in any state — and these styles will prove it to you.

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Solange Knowles

For this look, you want to stretch out your curls using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb at the roots to fluff them out like Solange.

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Maria Borges

Make sure you get your afro pick to make your hair stand out loud and proud.

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Kimberly Elise

Use lots of curl or coiling cream on your hair before finger curling each section and then inserting hair clips on each side of the head.

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Janelle Monae

You'll need to comb out your hair for this one, possibly using heat. Then, create a top knot and sweep the rest of your hair to the back of your head and pin in place before adding your accessories.

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