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These 8 Gorgeous Hairstyles Stand Up to Blustery Weather

Breezy days'll have nothing on you
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We've all been there: Our hair looks bomb but the moment we step outside, the wind blows it away. Major bummer, right? Instead of fretting over the unfortunate effects of breezy days, it's time to think ahead and style your strands with the winds in mind. Whether you're looking forward to a pool day, a day at the beach, or a road trip with the windows rolled all the way down, fret not: There are hairstyles that can withstand the weather. From pull-through braids and half-up styles, to messy buns and bubble ponies, ahead you'll find eight trusty hairstyle ideas to test out this summer and beyond.

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Simple Pull-Through Side Braid
Hoping to look totally put-together without knowing how to braid your mane? That's where pull-through braids come into play. To create the style, you'll need a comb and a handful of clear elastics. Start by combing your hair to get any and all knots out of the way.

Next, section off the top most layer of hair into a half-up pony and secure it with an elastic. Create another section just below it. Split the top section in half and secure the ends with an elastic underneath the second pony. Continue this process all the way to the ends. Once you complete the braid, gently pull it apart for a messier, perfectly-imperfect appeal.

While this can be done without product, Mandi Romine, the manager of Royal Caribbean International's To Dry For (aka the first blow-dry bar at sea, a new service exclusive to the cruise line) says you can achieve a smoother look that holds up not only against wind, but heat and humidity too, by using a leave-in primer before drying. We love Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask, $28, for the job which pulls quadruple duty as a treatment, primer, protectant, and leave-in conditioner.

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Half-Up Messy Braid
Prefer to have your hair down? This half-up twist and fishtail combo is the way to go. Create a loosely-woven rope braid on each side of your head. Secure the sides together in a half-up style at the back of your head. Fishtail all the way down to the ends — split the half-up ponytail in half and grab a 1/4 inch section from the left side and pull it over to the other section. Repeat the process back and forth between sides all the way to the ends — and secure it with an elastic. Gently piece it apart for a messier end look.

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Beautiful Bushel Braid
This elevated bubble pony looks much harder to create than it really is. Since this style is a bit more advanced, head over to beauty influencer Missy Sue's YouTube channel for the full step-by-step. You'll look every bit the pro after following her instructions.

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Loose French Braid
"For longer hair, consider a relaxed braid," says Romine. Knowing just how windy days at sea can be, she says that this type of style helps keep your tresses under control while still looking relaxed and undone. "For more coverage, you can also accessorize with an accent scarf or a headband," she offers.

To score the low-maintenance look, spritz your hair with a texturizing spray (such as the Amika Bushwick Beach, $25) for added texture. Gently tease your tresses and weave away.

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