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10 Facial Tools That Are Actually Worth Buying

From acne masks to electronic facial toning devices, these tools give you exactly what you need to have flawless skin
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Everyone thinks skin care tools are awesome until they actually try them for a few months. You know the scene: you bought an extremely pricey beauty gadget only to find your skin isn't brighter, smoother and your jawline looks as bumpy as a rock. You continue using it only because you can't imagine something so expensive not actually working. But sadly, it doesn't work and you're out $200.

The good news is, there are tons of new spa-like beauty tools that get the job done and are actually worth the money. And, most are portable, so you can bring them with you on all your summer travels. From acne masks to electronic facial toning devices, these tools give you exactly what you need to have flawless skin whenever, however.

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Puffiness can be annoying, but this sculpting massager—complete with eight heads and 48 massaging nodules—releases muscular tension and reduces puffiness all over your face. Just push and roll this hand-held device over your skin to boost the supply of nutrients and oxygen, ultimately giving you a healthy glow. The device also reduces jawline breakouts with ease. We swear by it!

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It might look like something straight from a horror film, but we promise this acne mask uses technology to clear acne, allowing skin to heal itself. The best part is that you don't have to constantly wear it to see results. Simply wear for 10 minutes and wait for clearer, healthier skin to surface over time.

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This easy peasy peach fuzz remover looks complicated but it's not. We love it because it features two speeds: one for a gentle exfoliation and speed, and another for a deeper experience. It also lives in a waterproof, soft-touch silicone sleeve, so it can fall into your sink (hey, it happens to us all) without any damage.

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Everyone knows that facials are a game changer, but this professional-quality facial steamer hydrates and purifies the skin in one simple step, giving it a leg up on other at-home treatments. It also enhances the benefits of any skin care regimen, as it accelerates the absorption and effectiveness of your favorite products.

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