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5 Must-Try Face Masks, According to a Face Mask Obsessee

Here are 5 face masks I totally love that I know you'll love too!
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There are many reasons to love face masks: they're a total Instagram selfie upgrade, it's the perfect self care treat and some of them are just plain ol' fun. Oh, right, and they're also good for your skin. But my favorite reason? There are so many kinds to choose from; like an essence-based sheet mask, a deep-cleaning clay mask, an exfoliating one... or even one just to plump your lips. Got a skin issue? There's a face mask for it!

I use a face mask at least three times a week — you could definitely say I'm obsessed. Are you a face mask junkie too? Here are five different types of face masks I'm using and loving right now.

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If you're into sweet ingredients you'll love this mask. It's packed with fruity ingredients like cherry, pineapple and papaya to exfoliate; and bearberry, mulberry and licorice to brighten and plump. This all-round-do-everything face mask can also help you fight aging with its plant-based protein ingredients and 22 amino acids help to build collagen.

If you're a busy body or short on time, this one is for you — you only need to wear it for 1-3 minutes. Slather it on and take a shower or play your favorite song, and before you know it, you're good to go! This one is quick but mighty!

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You can be Sleeping Beauty too with this overnight mask. It's honestly one of my ultimate faves and a staple in my routine — and it's my go-to for smooth, balanced and brighter skin. The vitamin E helps slow down cell aging with the power of antioxidants, but this mask also has boss active ingredients like skin-brightening niacinamide and wrinkle-fighting adenosine. I personally swap this out with my nighttime moisturizer twice a week. Pro tip: vitamin E stabilizes the vitamin C, so, use this with your favorite vitamin C to boost its the effects on your skin.

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PUR Blue Agave Mask, $26
Like I said before, face masks can be fun! And this peel-off mask is just that — and then some. This peel-off mask energizes skin with a blend of green tea, ginseng and Vitamin B. This gang of ingredients will revitalize your face for plumper-looking and hydrated skin. I love this mask because it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and renewed — and it's oh so fun to take it off!

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This exfoliating mask has 10 percent AHA and 0.5 percent BHA to slough off dead skin cells and to get deep down in your pores for a great "de-gunk," as Peach and Lily calls it. It totally lives up to its name and it has quickly become my go-to exfoliating mask — I use it once a week. The tingling sensation this resurfacing mask gives off lets you know it's working hard, plus the results are definitely noticeable. This hardworking exfoliator also has ingredients like hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, chamomile and aloe to soothe and hydrate the skin and balance out all that "de-gunking."

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