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10 At-Home Enzyme Treatments That Deliver Facial-Like Results

These gentle treatments hit refresh on your complexion
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Looking for a quick fix for dull skin? An enzyme treatment might just be a good bet. Often sourced from fruits and veggies (for example, pineapple and pumpkin enzymes are particularly popular), enzymes are known for effectively exfoliating the skin, without being overly harsh. Since they work by specifically breaking down the protein in dead skin cells, they're generally considered more gentle than other chemical exfoliation methods, which makes them a great option if you have sensitive skin. And best of all, there are so many great at-home options these days, in the form of masks, peels and more — and they basically deliver facial-level results.

Enzyme treatments are often on the higher end of the price spectrum but considering the fact that you can use these multiple times — versus going to the spa and dropping the same amount on a single treatment — you do end up saving some cash at the end of the day. So, for professional-grade results that you can achieve yourself, look no further than some of our favorite enzyme treatments in the slideshow ahead.

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Get professional results in the comfort of your own bathroom with this resurfacing treatment. Proven to help the skin's clarity, texture, and tone, you'll be able to tackle pores, fine lines, and pesky texture in 20 minutes or less, thanks to the formula's 25% AHA blend of glycolic, tartaric, lactic, and citric acids.

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When you're in a pinch for time but need your skin to look instantly glowy, slather this face mask on for a quick five minutes. Especially great for skin that is oily or acne-prone, this mask contains 9 actives (which are concentrated at 28 percent) in a whipped, creamy, mattifying mud-like cream.

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Brighter skin, smoother texture and a more even complexion: just a few of the things you'll notice after consistently using this genius face mask mask. Apply it for a quick 10-20 minute pick-me-up or leave it on overnight. Either way, you'll remove the mask to find that your skin loved the brightening, firming, and pore-shrinking blend of enzymes and peptides.

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If you're as obsessed with sheet masks as I am, you'll love how effective this one is — it's one of the best. Sure, most sheet masks do wonders to hydrate the heck out of dry, flaky skin, but when you're looking for a complete revival of your complexion plus the hydration you'd normally get from a sheet mask, this peel will have you floored. Simply apply the gentle peel with the pre-saturated swab, then add the sheet mask over top — et voila, perfect skin.

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